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Levrack Ambassador

Emory Motorsports


Emory Motorsports

N Hollywood, CA

Rod Emory and his wife Amy started Emory Motorsports in the mid 90s and have proven themselves time and time again ever since. Having built over 170 Porsches in their day, Emory and his chosen crew work at a standard and quality all their own. Focusing purely on 356 body Porsches, Emory Motorsports sets the bar for any classic German car builder in the world. Having multiple sizes and specs of Levracks though-out the California property, each department uses their own Levrack for its own purpose. From storing Porsche interior components and small miscellaneous pieces to paint booth storage; the structure and organization the Levrack provides helps these guys take advantage of every square foot in their space without waste. For more information about Emory Motorsports check out their website at https://www.emorymotorsports.com/ or their Instagram at @RodEmory.