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John Malecki

Pittsburgh, PA

John Malecki is a former NFL football player turned craftsman. Based in Pittsburg, John uses his skills to create some pretty incredible stuff using wood and steel. Check out his website: for more information.

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, you have a tendency to work with your hands. For me it has always been in my roots, and has become a way of life.”

Ethan Abramson

New York

Ethan Abramson is a New York based furniture company founded on the principles of building American made, environmentally conscious handcrafted furniture. Ethan’s Designs and shop practices are built around the idea of minimal waste, re-purposing, and environmentally conscious production methods.

Check out his work at

Restore a Muscle Car

Lincoln, NE

Dave Hall is the owner of Restore a Muscle Car, an automotive restoration shop based in Lincoln NE. Their craftsmanship and quality of work have help them become a world leader in classic muscle car restoration.

For more information stop by

RMD Garage

Long Beach, CA

Don’t dream it, build it, is the motto at RMD Garage. Ralph Holquin started his affinity for car culture at the age of sixteen while detailing cars for a living. Ralph brings a unique approach to RMD Garage, his attention to detail and ability to push every build beyond the ordinary, creating an environment where only extraordinary craftsmanship exists. His leadership and direction develops the garage team into great automotive craftsmen. Ralph believes that by pushing yourself beyond you will achieve the unthinkable. He continues to innovate his designs in order to drive passion for his and the team’s builds.

Collins Bros Jeep

Wylie, TX

Dennis Collins and his team at Collins Bros Jeep has been in the custom Jeep business since 1984 and for the last 30 years we have focused on making an impact on the Jeep community by selling quality products and Jeeps. In 2007, Collins Bros has launched it’s very own line of custom off-road parts and accessories under the name of Black Mountain.

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