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About Levrack

Maximize your space.

Levrack was built, tested and proven on the farm. Through of process of combining the best elements of industrial pallet racking and the concept of mobile aisle shelving, we created one of the most efficient shelving systems on the market. Space comes at premium in almost every environment from your garage, to your work space. Levrack maximizes that space, and looks good doing it.

Check out our products.

Levrack is available in three sizes. Check them out to decide which storage solution is best for your space. Can't find what you need? We offer additional sizes, colors, and custom options not available in our online store. For more information about custom shelving, please call: 402-875-9466 or email us at:


We know Levrack is the solution for your storage needs, but don’t take our word for it! Check out how our products have helped increase storage and functionality for others by reading our brand ambassadors’ stories. Click the button below to learn more!

Featured Customer:

John Malecki (The Builder)
Pittsburgh, PA