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Our shop was in need of a storage solution. Every type of shelving that we tried seemed to add to the clutter and take up much needed wall space. We found that we could maintain the storage above and utilize the room below the racking by creating a mobile aisle.


Keeping your workspace clean adds to your peace of mind and keeps you safe. No more tripping over loose cords or finding nails on the ground. Levrack provides the shelving to keep the tools, hardware, and other equipment you use out of the way while you work. You’ll never get lost in the clutter again. Not to mention, the walls turn inward to hide your mess saving you time when you “clean the garage.”


Sick of losing your tools? With Levrack, you’ll get 24 feet of shelf space in just 12 feet of wall space. All the shelving is adjustable and equipped with pegboard backing. Ben Franklin said it best when he said you should have, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” That place is Levrack.


All Levrack units are made right here in the USA with industrial grade steel. They’ll hold over three tons of equipment, and, best of all, there’s no motorized parts or complex pieces to assemble. Our simple, hard-working design can withstand the wear and tear of any project you throw at it.


We know Levrack is the solution for your storage needs, but don’t take our word for it! Check out how our products have helped increase storage and functionality for others by reading our brand ambassadors’ stories. Click the button below to learn more!

Featured Customer:

John Malecki (The Builder)
Pittsburgh, PA